WTEM-2 Deep TEM System

WTEM-2 Medium-Deep/Deep TEM Exploration System is applicable to medium-deep/deep transient electromagnetic exploration. It features high power, short turn off time, high reliability, strong anti-interference performance, lightweight and low power consumption. The system composed of WTEM-2J TEM Exploration System Receiver, WTEM-1D 10Kw High-power Transmitter or WTEM-1Z 6kw transmitter, WTEM-2T/GPS Transmitter Synchronized Controller or WTEM-1T/GPS Synchronized Controller, the PTT-40A Antenna & Adapter and one Touch pad.

According to different geological situations, user could choose an appropriate system to finish surveying tasks of quick general survey, 3D graph coloring up, deep mine finding.
It is mainly used for surveying metal mine, coal-mine, oil and gas field, geothermal field, and applies in hydrology and engineering geological prospecting as well.

Standard configuration of WTEM-2 system:
* WTEM-2J Receiver
* WTEM-1D 10kw Transmitter
* WTEM-2T/GPS Transmitter Synchronized Controller
* Pocket PC (PDA) to control the TEM system
Optional instrument:
* PTT-40A Antenna & Adapter




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Main  features:
•   Improved WTEM-2T/GPS transmitter synchronized controller: a better GPS module and antenna of higher sensibility is integrated, faster in synchronization speed, compacter in size and lighter in weight.
•   High reliability, low power consumption: refined receiver and circuitry, sealed and rugged mechanical structure, ensuring high reliability, low power consumption and convenient operation.
•   Remote control: it is the first receivers that take use of a pocket PC and Bluetooth wireless communication technology which enable it to control the WTEM-2J receiver 10 meters, such as setting up parameters, starting measuring, transferring and displaying the measured results.
•   Multiple channels, high measurement accuracy: operator could set number of channel, linear or logarithmic; crystal oscillator accomplishes timing, with stable and precise time-to-depth ratio. Sampling window arrangement is reasonable, imaging the true subsurface structure. It provides references to complex geological problems.

•   Short turn-off time: transmitter support swift turn-off function, able to extend shallow exploration range. Short turn-off function provides software with accurate turn- off time to enable it to give accurate data.
•   Friendly and powerful control interface: PDA control and collects data from human-machine interface, such as parameters input, data display or storage, graph plotting, etc, simplifying fieldwork.

Technical specification:

                                                              WTEM-1D Transmitter  
Transmitting voltage ≤200V
Transmitting current ≤50A
Current measurement precision current range before power supply being cut off is 0~50A, display resolution is 0.01A.
Power supply frequencies  0.0625Hz, 0.125Hz, 0.25Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 16Hz, 32Hz
Transmitting waveform  +ON, OFF, -ON, OFF, equal width and dual polarity
Turn-off delay time 1μs~1000μs
Turn-off time ≤1.2μs (pure resistance), changing with the transmitting current and transmitting coil when connecting to the coils
Damping resistance 1000Ω
Transmitting coil 0.1km×0.1km single turn ~ 2km×2km single turn
Synchronization mode external synchronization (cable, GPS)
Power supply internal 12V8.6Ah rechargeable battery (or external 12V power supply) lasting for over 10 hours
Dimension 525×436×217mm3
Weight 18.5kg
Working temperature             -10°C~+50°C
   WTEM-2J Receiver
Number of channel 1
Pre-amplification gain 8, 32 times
Main amplification gain 1, 2, 4, 8, 32, 64, 128 times
Band-pass 0~50k Hz (liner phased filter), full band-pass 0~400k Hz
Suppression 80dB 
A/D 16 bit
Min sample interval 1μs
Trace number ≤128
Stacking times 1~9999 time
Synchronization mode internal 12V9.6Ah rechargeable battery (or external 12V power supply) lasting for over 10 hours
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 6.0 system with software such as Word, Excel, etc., 320x240 true color, 64MB Flash Rom/ 64MB SDRAM/64MB 2GB CF card, able to store over 200,000 readings of sampled data,2 original rechargeable batteries
Ports Bluetooth, infrared and serial port 
Dimension 340×295×152mm
Weight 5.3kg
Working temperature              -10℃~+50℃