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  • What is Electrical Resistivity?

    2016-10-07 16:24:18

    The electrical resistivity method allows the determination of the spatial distribution of the resistive characteristics of the subsurface. This property is affected by lithology, pore fluid chemistry, and water content. The method can be ap...[more]

  • Summary of different array types

    2016-08-24 20:08:40

    Summary of different array types The Wenner array is an attractive choice for a survey carried out in a noisy area (due to its high signal strength) and also if good vertical resolution is required. The dipole-dipole array might be a more s...[more]

  • DC Resistivity & Electrical Resistivity Tomography

    2016-08-24 19:51:58

    DC Resistivity Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Geoelectric model from a dipole-dipole resistivity survey for water resource study: lower resistivities between 90 and 100 meters indicate increased water content due to higher fracture...[more]

  • TEM method

    2016-08-24 19:38:51

    Transient Electromagnetic orTime-Domain EM (TEM) Overview The transient electromagnetic (TEM) method, alternately called time-domain EM (TDEM) or pulse EM (PEM), is a commonly-used, non-intrusive, geophysical method for obtaining subsurface...[more]

  • What is Transient EM(TEM)?

    2016-08-19 22:02:57

    What is Transient EM(TEM)? The principle of Transient E.M.(TEM) method of geophysical prospecting is very simply, that current flowing in a a transmitter loop sets up a magnetic field which when switched off induces eddy currents to flow in...[more]

  • 1D VES, 2D imaging survey and 3D ERT survey

    2016-08-14 20:53:23

    The greatest limitation of the resistivity sounding method is that it does not take into account horizontal changes in the subsurface resistivity. A more accurate model of the subsurface is a two-dimensional (2-D) model where the resistivit...[more]

  • Magnetic Susceptibility

    2016-08-14 20:20:46


  • How to choose geophone?

    2016-08-14 20:20:17

    1. What is the difference between horizontal wave geophone and vertical wave geophone? Horizontal wave geophone is sensitive to horizontal wave while the vertical wave geophone is sensitive to vertical wave. The horizontal wave geophone s...[more]

  • Array List

    2016-08-14 20:20:00

    No. Short Name Full Name Chinese 1D Arrays 1 4P-VES Four-pole Vertical Electrical Sounding 四极垂向电测深 2 3P-VES Combined Electrical Sounding 联合电测深/三极垂直电测深 3 4P-PRFL Four-pole Roll-Along Electrical Profiling...[more]

  • How to judge IP data?

    2016-08-14 19:43:10

    I.P. surveys have traditionally been used in the mineral exploration industry, particularly for metal sulfides, where heavy electrical generators producing high currents of the order of 10 Amperes are used. The apparent I.P. values from suc...[more]